Who Doesn’t Like To Get All Fancy

Appearances are very important, mainly because the first impression is the last, but also because, the way an individual presents oneself, says a lot about them as a person.

 A fashion stylist Melbourne exerts their heart and soul to put together an ensemble that is a perfect fit for their clientele – when I say ‘fit’ I don’t just mean dimensions I am implying that the client’s outfit is fully customized according to their events and activities.

 Clothes, shoes, hairstyles, accessories; in hindsight a fashion stylist’s occupation may seem unimportant, alas some may even stoop low enough to call it derogatory. However, we fail to notice s a vital fact: without these stylists, who will maintain the general beauty standard of the world? In this fast-paced society, we need help in doing almost everything.

 There is a large number of people who would say that fashion stylists only benefit the upper class of society, and are of no benefit to the middle or lower class. Superficially, this may be the case but I beg to differ.

 The world in which we currently thrive in depends largely on the entertainment industry. And the entertainment, in turn, depends largely on physical appeal.

 Can you imagine an actress roaming around in a T-shirt and jeans, like a commoner, looking all haggard? Who would teenage girls and boys consider to be their role models? Who would we imitate? Can you imagine a world without blatant publicity of brands like Gucci, Chanel, L’oreal, Elizabeth Arden, etc?

 No, you cannot, because without realizing it, we have incorporated not just ‘appearances’ but ‘GOOD appearances’ as a major part of our lives, no matter our status in society. And these fashion stylists play a very important part in maintaining this status quo, this rendering the aforementioned claim invalid, ie that fashion stylist is only essential to the aristocracy.

 A good fashion stylist studies their client’s nature and personality, as well as their targeted audience and surroundings. For example, if an actress needs to attend the Met Gala, their stylist will mold them in such a way that screams chic, elegant, breathtaking yet exotic, as per the general theme of the infamous fundraiser.

 Some famous fashion stylists include Tom Eerebou and Sandra Amador, who have been hired by Lady Gaga, whose style and aura need no introduction. Another such talented woman is Rebecca Corbin-Murray, who is known for beautifying both Gemma Chan and the equally lovely Lily James.

 Contrary to popular and conventional belief, fashion stylists do not only groom the appearances of women, but also those of men. Dashing, yet intimidating. Soft, but tough. Swoon-worthy, yet professional. Playful, but serious. It is no easy feat to condition the masculine species, no matter how simple it may seem; in fact it may even be more arduous if compared to the feminine species.