Rights of injured Canberrans have been protected by Maligns Edwards Johnson since 1985. Many peoples are not able to fight against the personal injury and the criminal is free from any kind of charge by law but now don’t worry if you don’t know about personal injury we are available for helping you out as we are known as personal injury specialist and also we understand the law’s complexity. 

At MEJ we have experienced team and they are very smart about their field and work so they always advice you legally and right so you don’t miss any compensation part and no addition cost incur. Our relations with big insurance companies we have saved huge amount of client’s money and the amount in millions of dollars. Obviously, this is not a small amount and if you look over the individual so it is also big amount. Our mission is to learn more, guide more and win more. This prompt us in the sector and for many of the peoples we first choice.

If you have become injured than there are different major problems that you may face like memory loss, physically disability, loss of hearing and much more which may affects your family as well if you are alone earning person. By reaching us in the critical time we are available to help you out and with the help of legal actions we will get your actual compensation and at every step you will be guided by our professionals. 

Philosophy of MEJ is quite clear. If someone has been injured due to other’s fault than he/she must be compensate with actual value. But it is also required your quick action to avail the best possible outcome. Don’t worry if we would not be able to do something for you and we loss case so our working policy is based on “no win – no fee” and we also known as “no win no fee workers compensation lawyers”. Some lawyer collects charges in advance and after that either there is victory or loss your amount will not be refund so it is very stressful position for you as you are already injured and facing pain and at other side you pay for the lost case.

Contact us today if you are victim and MEJ will provide you free consultation with any one experienced team. You will be guide in a proper manner and after that hopefully you will win if you hire us. So, if you are searching for lawyers, great real estate lawyers and no win no fee workers compensation lawyer MEJ is the best option available on your finger by reaching out through our website.