Popular Cabinet Styles

the kitchen is not just cooking, cutting and grating. It is an equally great opportunity to exhibit your aesthetic sense. It is not wrong to say that the kitchen is a jigsaw that combines together all the pieces of d├ęcor that a must for the perfect interior. It includes the lights, storage, furniture and even the gadgets for the daily cooking chores. The cabinets and cupboards cannot be ignored as well. They increase the storage space and give additional room in the kitchen giving it a compact appearance especially in case of the smaller kitchens. Some custom made cabinets Sydney installed in the kitchens are as follows:


it is the most commonly used form of the cabinets being used in recent times. It consists of five flat panels and a four-piece frame. It is simple yet stylish kind of cabinets. What makes them look impressive is the flat panel doors that are fitted with the rail frames. They are made out of wood from oak, hickory, maple, and other local trees that have a long-lasting wood.


These kinds of cabinets are known for the horizontally resting wooden slats. They are a comparatively expensive choice but they are trendier and more stylish. They are crafted in a way that matches the doors, windows and the rest of the interior. They are often recommended for the spaces that are congested and need proper ventilation. They stay well in there because their slats are well apart from each other.

Slab cabinets

They are very simple in their construction. They lack the sophisticated details but even then, they match the interior of all sorts. Whether you have a modern kitchen design Sydney or a traditional one they suit all the interiors. They do not need separate frames but are constructed with solid slabs.


The doors of the inset cabinets are the unique feature of the inset style cabinets. The doors are fitted inside the cabinet instead of being outside. The doors are made with such precision and accuracy that it can fit inside and then close and open easily. The structure and design are comparatively costly than many other options of the cabinets available in the market. The beaded structures are an equally great addition for the cabinet of this category.


This is the antique style cabinet. The corners of the doors are made smooth so that they do not bother and cause distress. The price is comparatively higher as they are created in a special way in order to reduce the distress that is usually observed in the different other forms of cabinets in the form of the sharp edges and corners of the doors.


The rows of planks arranged in a vertical position and added with indentation create a bead-like a look making the cabinets something for the people of style and glamor. They can be customized with the use of different textures. These cabinets go well with the kitchens of the homes located in the farmhouses. They complement the cottage style construction.

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