Controlling Traffic With Technology…

Traffic, the biggest sign of development that now humans are traveling by cars, bikes and busses there are motor driven wheels which can solve the purpose of travelling with ease and convenience, thanks to the advancement and technology that people are now able enough to travel and buy cars. Talking about cars and travelling brings us to the topic of traffic controlling, which is still the biggest issue of 21st century there are different things which are available through which traffic can be controlled. Initially there was a single mechanism that traffic police should take care of the situation altogether, moving ahead it became impossible for everyone to cater such a huge rush of cars with the help of humans. So the need of technology and development came in:

Traffic signals:

Very famous and very common style of controlling traffic is the traffic signal. There are three lights green, yellow and red with the purpose of giving signals to the drive, as in when to start and when to stop. There are some countries where four colors of lights are guiding people on the roads. Traffic signals have changed the dynamics of traffic controlling.

Barricades and barriers:

In order to halt traffic from different and totally dangerous and no go areas, government officials place barricades and barriers which mean that there is no space to go there and nobody is allowed to go there. Moreover, there are automatic barriers too which means automatically it lifts up and goes down whenever needed. This is something important and nowadays people are using drastically in order to control the traffic.


This is something sense of modern technology, usually when there is dark on the road and drivers are unable to see anything, then comes the deflectors. We all have seen those glowing lights on the sides of the road and it automatically glows in the dark. Tells the driver where to move and turn.

Speed breakers:

Certainly there are some manual things too which can resolve the issue of over speeding. Speeding is something very common hence speed breakers are there to stop the unusually high speeding. Usually on the road officials covers the speed breakers with the deflectors. This tells the driver that the speed breaker is ahead hence slowing down is the only option in order to save the car from unsual damage.

Certainly there are so many other ways to control the traffic, infact traffic control equipment are in the market too. Which solves the purpose and government now can control things remotely. In addition, CCTV cameras and surveillance are in the house too.