Be Aware Of The Policies At F1

Every business needs a set of rules and regulations to function best, and so do F1 Driving school. They also have certain policies upon which they do not compromise and all those who want their service must abide by and adhere to these as well. If you are a beginner, you need to enroll at the driving course at F1, but if you are someone who already holds some experience, as well as a foreign license, first you will have to tally if the license you hold is issued by the countries in the list that is greeted online on their website, and for instance if the country you have driving lessons Avondale Heights of is in that list, then you will need not to sit in the test, but if that country is not included in the list, then you will have to sit in the test. If you have the permanent visa to Australia, then you are legally allowed to drive in Australia on your foreign license for the next six months.

No matter where you live in a vast city in Melbourne or even if you reside in the surrounding areas, the team at F1 will come to your service once you enroll. To know who wide their scope of service is, see that they stretch from Avondale heights to Kensington, Melbourne CBD, Aberfeldie and many more. If your locality does not lie in this list, then you do not need to be dishearten or disappointed, you must talk to the team at F1 and see that they will surely device out a way to be at your service. Visit for driving lessons.

They are well aware of the road network

 In a city like Melbourne, every area is different from the other in terms of roads and zone, some are residential, industrial, commercial etc. hence the way to drive in these separate zones and different speed limits to drive within are all the things that the members from F1 will teach you as they know very well about the layout of the city. So even if you are driving during the day or the night, during rain or during sunlight, you should know well how to manage the vehicle you are driving, and this what they will teach you. 

The office of F1 Driving School remains open from eight thirty in the morning to six in the evening during weekdays i.e. Monday to Friday and on Saturdays it is open from eight in the morning to four in the afternoon. Timings of the lessons depend on what you choose, so it will be different from one another. Once you have booked, you have to make the payment. This you can do either in cash or by direct debit. In case you have to cancel your lesson due to some emergency, you must report about that a day before otherwise you will have to pay the full fee for that class.

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