Advantages Of Installation Of Split System Air Conditioner

About split system air conditioner

The split system air conditioner has two main parts one is indoor unit and the other part is outdoor unit. One unit is fitted on the outer wall of your room that you wanted to cool which is known as the outdoor unit. The indoor unit consists of a cooling coil and air filter. While the outdoor unit has a compressor and the condenser coil. It also contains capillary tubing as well. This is coupled and associated to the main electrical system. The most essential and important things for a split system air conditioner to work is compressor and refrigerant. This system is very simple and very useful to make your home cool. 

Cost and process to install a split system air conditioner

The cost of installing the split system air conditioner is between $400-$500 but it depends upon the factors like the brand you are going to use, determination of area for the external or outdoor unit and how many air conditioners the client is going to install. It also includes the cost of labour. The process for installation of AC has the following steps:

  • Choose a perfect location without any gas leakage and cut through the holes on the wall for the indoor unit.
  • Secure and position the mounting plate on the wall of your room. 
  • Check all the electrical connections and bore holes for pipes. 
  • Join the cables and secure the unit which is installed inside i.e. indoor unit. 
  • For outdoor unit place a concrete block on the ground and secure the outdoor unit with it. Now attach all the electrical connections and cables with it. 
  • After installing indoor and outdoor unit removes the air from the circuit and seal all the holes. 

Advantages of split system air conditioner

Split system air conditioner of Adelaide brings many benefits in your life some of them are described below:

  • The process for the installation and fitting of AC is very easy. 
  • As this system has no ducts or channels so it reduces energy consumption and provides greater efficiency of energy. 
  • The jackets of the indoor unit have aesthetic appeal, so it doesn’t interfere with the elegance of your room but enhance it and make it look more sophisticated. 
  • It does not affect the security of your home. 
  • This system saves your money and reduces the electricity bills by consuming lesser energy.
  • They can control your room’s climate so well.


The split system air conditioner is a very useful option to make your home comfortable, cool, and delightful during the hot weather of summers. But you may need to seek the help of professionals and experts for the maintenance of your AC. There are certain companies available that help you choose the best and economical Air conditioner for your home or office. One such company is Burt Services SA. Their trained and professional workers install and fit the split system air conditioner properly and give you the advice to keep your air conditioner working in a better condition.