8 Different Types Of Tiles

The tiles are always the first option when you need to get your flooring done or have to create mosaic art on your walls. For every application, there are different types of tiles. The tiles allow you to provide limitless design and colour options, so it gives freedom to your creativity. The initial tiles were made by natural stone but now the man-made tiles are more popular. Because natural stone tiles need skilled craftmanship to cut those tiles and there is a limitation in terms of size. But synthetic tiles are available in various sizes, shapes and designs. The 8 popular types of tiles are; 

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are suitable for every type of application. From indoor to outdoor, kitchen or bathroom, these tiles Geelong are a perfect fit. They are quite durable and design options are nearly limitless.

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles originate from natural stone but they are primarily synthetic. The natural stone provides a rustic and elegant look. This is the reason; these tiles require minimal maintenance. They are good for heavy traffic areas

Cement Tiles

Cement tiles can be said as one of the oldest tiles. They have been in used in one formulation or another and are in continuous use. The advantage of cement tiles, that they can be customised as per size and design. They are durable and gives versatile patterns. But they are difficult to install and need expert help. Also, they need frequent maintenance to maintain their look. This the reason that they are preferred for low traffic areas or just for floor decoration.

Marble Tiles

Marble is the natural stone and no doubt counted as one of the most beautiful ones. Marble has been used for hundreds of years. They are super durable and gives the distinctive elegant look that no other stone can provide. But there is the limitation of design in marble

Granite Tiles

The granite is also the natural stone and it is denser than marble. They are also very durable and due to their rustic look; they require minimum cleaning. They are perfect for exterior or walkways as they can endure heavy traffic and harsh weather conditions. But there is a limitation in colours and design of granite tiles due to their natural origin.

Limestone Tiles

Limestone is another natural stone with rustic shades and tones. Limestone is a soft stone, so they can be easily cut and they are porous. So, they have been properly sealed and maintained for their long life.

Glass tiles

The glass tiles are usually used for Wall Art or creativity. The glass can be moulded in any shape and size. But they need to be installed by skilled labour and require extra care.

Metal Tiles

It seems little unconventional but metal tiles are used for artwork. But metal tile is susceptible to scratches, so it can be installed where the traffic is low or on walls for Wall Art.